Win more quotes with Covie’s dec page retrieval and one-click push to EZLynx.

Using our new EZLynx integration, you will be able to send your prospects' policies directly to your EZLynx account.

How does it work?

EZLynx Integrations Page

Set Up the Covie integration

Log into your EZLynx account and visit the Integrations page.

From there, simply activate the free Covie integration in the EZLynx Connect Marketplace.

EZLynx Integrations Page

Customise your landing page

Open a Covie account and personalize your free landing page.

Send clients your landing page link via email, text message or even embed it on your website. Your prospects can share their dec pages for current homeowners, personal auto, even motorcycle policies in under 40 seconds.

EZLynx Integrations Page

Send policies to EZLynx

As soon as your prospects link their policies, you will have instant access to any policies your clients have linked.

From your Covie dashboard you can click the “Send to EZLynx” button.

A new applicant is automatically created and any dec page or policy data Covie pulled will be transferred to EZLynx.

No credit card needed to create your account. Use code: EZLYNX to get a $20 credit. Sign up today!

Agents love Covie because...

No monthly fee

You only pay for what you use, less than a cup of coffee per policy retrieved.

Quick access

You will get access to all of the policy details you need to quote in under one minute.

Custom landing page

Customise and publish your unique webpage which you’ll send to your customers.

What are agents saying?

Shane Tatum headshot

Shane Tatum

Integra Insurance Services

"Integra is always looking for the best tools for our Market Access Program. We chose EZ Lynx as our Comparative Rating Platform in 2004 (Org 55) and later adopted the EZ Lynx Management System platform, remaining a partner today. Recently we considered policy data retrieval providers. In terms of pricing, support and ease of use, Covie was the clear choice."

Matt Desmond headshot

Matt Desmond

Desmond Insurance

"The Covie team has built a best-in-class landing page that allows prospects and existing clients to upload their declaration pages to our agency in the most efficient manner possible. This is a huge improvement compared to other competitors who promote their own brand on the landing page, which can cause more confusion than efficiency."

Covie works with: home owners, renters, auto, & motorcycle insurance policies. Get dec pages instantly!

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