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Start faster, quote accurately and win more business

Covie lets agents view prospects' existing policy declaration pages and see premiums. All for less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

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A growing customer base

What do our customers have to say?

"Covie has built a best-in-class landing page that allows prospects and existing clients to upload their declaration pages to our agency in the most efficient manner possible."

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Matt Desmond / Desmond-Integra Insurance.

"We can obtain more declarations pages, save time, and provide a modernized client experience."

"They allow agencies to put their brands at the forefront and work behind the scenes as an underlying technology."

"I highly recommend any agency looking to grow, create efficiencies and drive more sales opportunities to utilize Covie."

Why use Covie?

View homeowners and auto policies.
Quote the bundle and win all of their business.

Don’t quote blind.
See coverage limits, deductibles and all the policy information so your apples match their apples.
Know where your quote needs to be.
We surface the premiums so you don’t lose on the first number.
See multi-lines.
Prospects can link all their policies so you get to quote all their business and show them available bundle discounts.
Provide a better customer experience.
No more 20 questions, email chains, asking them for their spouse's drivers license, etc. One link and they're done.

No monthly fee.

Only pay for what you use.

How does it work?

Convenient and easy for your prospects.
Get the data you need to quote in less than 42 seconds


Make it yours

Customize a landing page and we will host it for you or embed our widget into your website.

Connect with your prospects

You’ll send them a link and they’ll choose their carrier and link the policy. You’ll instantly have all the policy data in your Covie dashboard.

Get accurate data + premium insight

As soon as a policy is linked you get to see the formatted data including premiums and view the declaration page.
We can track:
Policy term
Effective dates
Vehicle information
And more...

What would you pay to see every policy and premium before you quote?

If you answered less than a cup of coffee, you’re going to love using Covie!
$2.50 per policy link. That’s it. No monthly fee, no minimums, no risk.