How to get dec page and policy data into EZLynx

This guide explains how to get policy and dec page information from your prospects into EZLynx for fast and accurate quoting using Covie’s EZLynx integration.

Have you enabled the Covie integration on EZLynx?

This guide assumes that you have already enabled the Covie integration on EZLynx and have registered an account with Covie. If you haven't completed both of these steps, follow the relevant links below:


Customize your Covie landing page

Covie provides agents with a free customizable landing page. Use your unique link to send prospects and clients to your page.

Log into the Covie Dashboard where you will find your landing page URL. From here you can change the colors, add your agency logo, name, and your profile image and info.

If you need an account, you can create an account here.

Step 1

Send customers your link

Send clients your landing page link via email, text message or even embed it on your website. Your prospects can share their dec pages for current homeowners, personal auto, even motorcycle policies in under 40 seconds.

Step 2

One click send to EZLynx

You have instant access to any policies your clients have linked. From your Covie dashboard you can click the “Send to EZLynx” button. A new applicant is automatically created and any dec page or policy data Covie pulled will be transferred to EZLynx.

Step 3

Begin your normal quote workflow in EZLynx

With all the dec page information already loaded you can go right into your quote workflow in your EZLynx account.

Step 4