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Weave Innovation Into Your Fabric

Embracing innovation can be daunting. Legacy systems, limited resources, and competing priorities can stifle even the best attempts to spur innovation.

Covie enables you to fully embrace innovation and alleviates constraints around legacy systems and resource allocation. Our platform, called Fabric, plugs in to your existing systems and provides you with scalable, ready-to-use tools to begin building new, modern solutions or working with any partner.

Why limit yourself to only a few partners when Covie can provide you the means to work with all of the best partners at once?

The Power to Innovate

Use Covie to build or launch partnerships that drive experiences such as….

Insurance Verification

Reduce the workload of your agents, CSRs, and certificate desk and allow partners to securely and obtain certificates of insurance (COIs) programmatically.

Embedded Insurance

Make it a breeze for channel partners and distributors to embed the ability to quote your products within their apps and services - allowing you to expand to new markets quickly.

Risk Intelligence & Enhanced Underwriting

Quickly deploy data sharing partnerships with services like IoT devices, vehicle telematics, home security and more. Leverage data from the services your policyholders already use to move beyond repair & replace and shift into predict & prevent.

Policy Servicing

Unlock the ability for your agents and their tools to receive more complete and timely policy updates so they can be best positioned to service the policy and support the client.

Launch In Record Time

Launching new partnerships or building new solutions can feel like they take eons to complete. This is because existing, legacy systems typically have to be upgraded or replaced - which can take millions of dollars and months to complete - and the project teams are typically spread thin trying to launch multiple projects simultaneously.

Covie moves you from zero-to-launch in record time. You don’t need to wait to upgrade existing systems or task your own team with custom builds for every initiative. Allow your partners to start building on Day 1 and launch in record time.

We do the work
We do the work

We Do The Work

Deploying Covie typically requires only consultative and administrative involvement from your teams, little to no new development necessary.

  • Our team of API & Automation experts assess your existing systems and plan for integration
  • We use our existing toolkit of connections and adapters to hook into your existing tools and map the various data or services you need
  • We provide you and your partners all the tools to securely access the data and services necessary to quickly build and launch powerful experiences for your policyholders and internal teams

Don’t get left behind

In our fast paced ecosystem, time is of the essence. Unlock your organization’s potential and be an innovative leader